New release: Army of Darkness omnibus

coverA new print book of mine has been just released! This has an extensive glossary and a map, as well as numerous other features that have never been in any of my books before, including black and white illustrations in the glossary. The cost of the illustrations and other features mean it’s a bit more expensive than the other print books at $17.99, but I believe you will think it’s worth it. Send me an email,, if you’d like a signed copy.

Click here to view it on Amazon.

It should be available on Barnes and Noble soon.

(Pardon the awkward placement of the text — Amazon cut off the top part of the cover for some reason. It looks much better in physical form.)

New release: The Will of Imperium

the will of imperiumIn a long-planned, perfectly executed coup, the Academies of Eloesus overthrow the Imperial government and transport a foreign army to the Empire’s shores, intending to remake the nation according to their utopian vision. As cities fall and the nation slips toward certain annihilation, the lone voice of Imperium calls out for a renewed rise of an empire, and a deluge of traitors’ blood.

The fifth and final book of the Imperial Chronicles series, which began in Unconquered Son.

Buy for $5.99 now at Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords.

Begin with Unconquered Son, now free.

• Featured locations: The Empire, Gad, Anthania, Eloesus
• Featured PeopleThe Appia family

New release: Sons of Empire, book four of the Imperial Chronicles

Sons of EmpireSetting: The Empire and the Southern World Timeline: Around 1100 Y.E.

The Empire speeds toward a new century, anticipating new heights of prosperity and power but finding its triumphant march forced to a stumble. An official visit from the northman king, Gylles vis Bretagne, is laced with ulterior motives and may lead to a disastrous war. While the supernatural forces of shadow grow beyond the border, elements within the governmental elite tighten the noose. As the crisis deepens, six souls find themselves at the center of it all — six disparate lives, inexplicably yet intricately connected. Six SONS OF EMPIRE.

$5.99 at AmazonNookand Smashwords.

The fourth novel of the Imperial Chronicles. The first novel in the series is now free.

• Featured locations: The EmpireKhazideaEloesusZarubain
• Featured people: Augurs

Now presenting… print books

Now, three novels – Fell Winter, High Queen, and Dragon’s Son – are available in print, complete with maps. They have distinctive golden spines that I’m very proud of. You can order them at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You can also order signed copies, as seen on the fancy new tab.

I am currently working with a wonderful illustrator to create some black and white sketches for the Vampire Origins novellas.

A new novella

sword and talonThe summer brings more than heat to Miere. From the five lake towns of the north-east to the deepest recesses of the Eldenwood, rumors spread of the reawakened Old Religion. Women of latent power dream of the Horned God, and their worried husbands recall tales of the dark Sisters who once ruled the land.

Durant, a squire of the Order of the Tempest, was only passing through Miere with his companions, but finds himself inexplicably thrust into the center of the Witch War, a struggle of SWORD AND TALON. A novella.


Year in Review: The wonderful 2013

2013 was, by any measure, an improvement over 2012.

I published another 20 ebooks (many under a pen name).

I produced several audiobooks and made dozens of sales by that avenue.

I received many reviews — some positive, some negative, but all having strong reactions, which to me is indicative of some sort of emotional power behind my books (I hope!)

Most importantly — though my sales by some people’s accounts are modest — my sales and royalties were five times more than the previous year. I averaged more than $40 a month in royalties, varying widely from month to month, but compared to the previous years of self publishing it’s an astonishing number to me. I know to some it’s small, but the increase is what’s significant to me.


  • Setting Fell Winter to free produced probably hundreds in royalties, causing a steady influx of sales for High Queen, Dragon’s Son, and the Omnibus. Also, whenever I do a promo on one of the lovely sites such as Ereader News Today, it invariably produces several sales of the next few (and sometimes sales of the free book itself, go figure.)
  • Optimizing my world/publisher website with illustrations. (
  • Writing a lot.
  • Not giving up on audiobooks (last month produced great sales and better reviews).


  • My Imperial Chronicles series has a pretty terrible ranking. But I don’t doubt that when I set the first to free, the same will happen as did with Fell Winter. Once I finish that series, I’m going to do a bit more promotion and also focus on my pen name. Maybe I will reveal that to you at some point soon.
  • I still haven’t made a print edition of Fell Winter, High Queen and Dragon’s Son. That will change hopefully by the end of this month. Print is becoming a viable option for indie publishers like myself.

And I have some fairly exciting news on the publishing front, but nothing concrete. I’ve grown a bit jaded with the process, but the company I’m speaking of is a major publisher. Again, nothing concrete, and something that could easily dissipate into thin air.

I am very pleased with 2013, and very hopeful/optimistic about the future.

Au revoir, 2013, you were good to me. Looking forward to where 2014 takes me, and bon voyage!

Day of Reckoning

Hello, my dear blog readers.

I intended these novellas to be mostly for audiobooks, since one of my narrators was very eager to record more druen (cursed vampire elves) stories. Thus far, many more people than I thought took an interest in them, and not just in audio.

Since Fell Winter has produced dozens of sales since I set it to free, I thought I was going to set Army of Darkness to free. But I reconsidered, and now — for the moment, at least — I believe I am going to leave it at $3.99. I have another series to finish (two more books) and another first-book to set to free. As always I will keep you updated.

But without further ado, I thank you for lending me your ear — here is the fifth and final novella in the series. I hope you purchase and enjoy (and leave a review, if it strikes your fancy).

Day of Reckoning

“Seeing the great darkness within the elven prince’s heart, the High God cursed his descendants with a thirst for blood…” 

More than four hundred years after the vampire’s curse first took hold among the Dark Prince’s children, the druen nation faces certain doom. The non-cursed elven tribes, angered by recent atrocities, form an unprecedented union to annihilate the druen race.

The king of the vampires musters his too-few soldiers to stave off certain obliteration, but the Dark Elves and High Elves, acting in unison, have made up their minds: to invade the Dark Land and bring about the DAY OF RECKONING.

The fifth and final Vampire Origins novella.

Buy for $3.99 at AmazonNook, and Smashwords.