Enchanted Forest, Volume 1 — now complete

I’m happy to announce that the first volume (episodes 1 to 5) of Enchanted Forest is now complete, available for purchase at all ebook vendors (except Smashwords… the slow reporting and slow uploading procedures currently frustrate me to no end, but I’ll get around to it soon).

Sales on this series started out (very) tepid, but are slowly picking up. Go forth, buy, and read, and give me the encouragement to start Volume 2! My mind brims with ideas for more episodes.

The first episode is free on Kobo.

I also made a profile of Kalamar, for those interested.

Available Now: High Queen, Book II of the Ulfr Crisis

 High Queen, the sequel to Fell Winter and the second book of the trilogy, is now available now on Amazon, Kobo, and Nook.

Alysse Riverhall sails to her native land, vowing to return with an army of knights. While Sigmund sits on the throne, Kenna Wildsaber calls up spirits of darkness to aid her ambitions. The undead Great Witch of the Ulfr plots and waits for her chance. But only one of them can be HIGH QUEEN.

While humans battle for the throne, the Ulfr rise in the flesh, marching under the banner of the Frozen Skull. Soon they reach the home of Kai Riverhall, junior member of the Order of Scouts: a young man with a rare gift. The blood of the Green Dragon.

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Reading Recommendation: “Chomp” by Brian Rappatta

“Chomp” is the kind of book that deserves to be a bestseller. I had previously read a few of Rappatta’s stories before. I expected high quality from him, since he is a Writers of the Future winner. He is also a fellow Odyssey graduate. He was there when George RR Martin taught (lucky bastard).

My expectations of high quality were satisfied.

This was the kind of novella that I enjoyed reading daily. It provided escape from the monotony of work. Every evening, after I wrote a thousand words and wound down a bit, I would get out my Kindle and escape for a few hours into Rappatta’s world. Though the conflict — centering around demons — is epic, I felt the characters were the most interesting part of the story. They were people I would like to get to know (which, in my opinion, is the test of good character building).

It’s well written, well-plotted, and reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in that it’s set in a world just a few degrees off from our own. I strongly encourage you to pick up this absorbing 33,000 word (132-page) novella. You can find it on Amazon and elsewhere.