Interview with author Barbara A. Barnett

I met Barbara A. Barnett at TNEO, a graduate-level workshop for Odyssey alumni. In addition to being made of awesome, she is a member of SFWA, an organization for professional SF/F writers. Her stories have appeared in pro magazine Daily Science Fiction, as well as Fantasy Magazine and many others. Find out more here.

Now, without further ado… take it away, Barbara!

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Interview with author Rick Novy

Rick Novy (website here) is a member of Codex, a group of neo-professional writers that includes yours truly. He also holds a membership to Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), a group of (paleo?)professional writers. His stories have appeared in various and sundry professional magazines. He also has some well-reviewed novels available on Amazon Kindle. I give him a hearty thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and stopping in on my little blog.

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Interview with author Robert E. Keller

Robert E. Keller is an online acquaintance of mine. He is a member of Codex, a group of neo-professional SFF writers that includes yours truly. Robert’s novels on Amazon Kindle are selling very well, and he has amassed many short story sales to magazines, including professional ones. His literary interests tend toward epic fantasy. Robert’s Internet dwelling-place is

The interview follows the break.

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