Realms of Varda launch

Hello, everybody. It’s been a few years since my last blog post, but if you read my newsletter or follow me on social media you know I’ve been busy writing, publishing and more. I’m announcing today the launch of, where you can buy ebooks, print books, posters, and an ever-growing assortment of merchandise and more. I look forward to seeing you there!

Series finished

blade of prophecyI am pleased to announce that I’ve finished the ninth and final book of the Wind of Destiny series.

I don’t know exactly when I began writing book one, A Hero’s Calling, but if I had to guess I’d say the journey began around August of 2015. It’s been three long years, but enjoyable to experience the characters and their stories.

Through stops and starts, and periods of focusing on other projects, I steadily wrote the books, one by one. I am so thankful to the readers who shared the journey with me. Now, it has come to an end, like all journeys have to, eventually.

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New book: A Hero’s Calling

A Hero's Calling cover

I have released a new book. Download a sample and check it out!

In ancient times, the dark god Kronos crafted weapons of war in his fiery lair. His worship has long been eradicated, his followers driven into hiding… and yet he remains…
Creatures of shadow are crawling through the land of Eloesus… they seek one man above all else: Theron, upstanding citizen, master swordsman, and veteran of many wars. As he flees, doom is falling over the land: clouds of fire hover over the ancient city of Thenai and infernal names not spoken in thousands of years thunder from the mountaintops.
A hero is needed. A wind of destiny is blowing, yet Theron is one false step from death.

Illustrations, encyclopediae and more

I’ve had questions about various aspects of my world before. I wanted to point out a website where I put all my notes, written up as entries, as well as super illustrations that I have commissioned.

One entry I just updated is here: tp://

That part of my world is featured both in Fell Winter and Tide of War.

There are certain other entries with illustrations, but not many… yet.

Please do check it out!

Now presenting… print books

Now, three novels – Fell Winter, High Queen, and Dragon’s Son – are available in print, complete with maps. They have distinctive golden spines that I’m very proud of. You can order them at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You can also order signed copies, as seen on the fancy new tab.

I am currently working with a wonderful illustrator to create some black and white sketches for the Vampire Origins novellas.

Upcoming Trilogy Announced

Over the past two months, I’ve sat on this novel (not literally, of course.) Mostly, I procrastinated on writing the synopsis and query letter. I talked with my writer friends on Codex and Odyssey et al. I realized that, should I decide to submit it to publishers, I may as well have it available for the public to read. I’m thrilled to announce that I will be publishing “Fell Winter” — a novel of 40,000 words (160 printed pages) — soon . The next book, “High Queen of Badelgard,” will be available by early December this year.


An evil not seen in hundreds of years has awoken in the highland nation of Badelgard. The Ulfr – the original inhabitants of the land whose evil was matched only by their power over death – stir from their barrows.

The dead walk again at the command of an Ulfr witch. The fate of the High King and the possession of the High Throne grow more and more uncertain. Tensions flare between the lowborn commoners and the highborn descendants of the Seven Wardens.

In the middle of it all, the lowborn musician Brand Gutlaffson is thrust into a perilous chase thanks to the foolish decisions of his friend, the warrior Gunnar Whoreson. Their midnight flight takes them to the accursed land of Blackfold, where the ancient Ulfr goddess waits for Her awakening.

The cold begins to set in. But there is more to fear than darkness and snow in this FELL WINTER.

This 40,000-word novel begins “The Ulfr Crisis” trilogy.

New novel and more Varda material

I added three new articles to the Varda profile: one national profile (Badelgard); one regional profile (Westwood); and a profile of Badelgard’s ancient inhabitants.

All of these are to give the reader background for my new novel. August 2012 is the tentative release date for Fell Winter. It’s finished, written, edited, and sent to a few reviewers. I think it’s my best novel yet, and I hope you agree.