Reading Recommendation: “Chomp” by Brian Rappatta

“Chomp” is the kind of book that deserves to be a bestseller. I had previously read a few of Rappatta’s stories before. I expected high quality from him, since he is a Writers of the Future winner. He is also a fellow Odyssey graduate. He was there when George RR Martin taught (lucky bastard).

My expectations of high quality were satisfied.

This was the kind of novella that I enjoyed reading daily. It provided escape from the monotony of work. Every evening, after I wrote a thousand words and wound down a bit, I would get out my Kindle and escape for a few hours into Rappatta’s world. Though the conflict — centering around demons — is epic, I felt the characters were the most interesting part of the story. They were people I would like to get to know (which, in my opinion, is the test of good character building).

It’s well written, well-plotted, and reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in that it’s set in a world just a few degrees off from our own. I strongly encourage you to pick up this absorbing 33,000 word (132-page) novella. You can find it on Amazon and elsewhere.

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