Midmonth Updates

Note: On the Fell Winter page, I’ve added links to all the current retailers where it’s available, as well as the updated cover and blurb.

Note the Second: I am planning to distribute to all retailers from now on. I won’t discount the possibility that certain projects will be suitable for Amazon select (Amazon-exclusive) but I plan on almost everything from hereon to be as widely distributed as possible. The stories currently in Amazon select will stay in the program for now.

Newly Available:

Coming soon:

  • Enchanted Forest, Episode 4 (October 2012, Halloween-themed)
  • Background information on Kalamar (the setting for Enchanted Forest)
  • Several pseudonym titles (see the e-books tab)

A recommendation

Now I’m not a reviewer and make no pretensions of being one. However, I want to point you in the direction of an excellent read. This novelette is science fiction, but it’s also interesting because the characters are Mormons. Moreover, Mormonism is not depicted in a bad light; in fact, it’s quite positive (much to the chagrin of the antireligious elements in SF — no names named). Disclaimer: I’m not a Mormon.

This novelette won the Nebula (the highest honor in SF) and was nominated for the Hugo. I encourage you all to click on the image and purchase it. I’m glad I did.

News for September

First I’ll take a moment of silence for those who died on September 11, 2001. It’s hard to to believe eleven years have passed since then.

1. The new novel, “Fell Winter,” is on Kobo and Smashwords.


2. Nocturne got a makeover. His cover did, at least.



3. The audiobook for Nocturne Son of the Night is done and will be available within three weeks on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. The narrator, Matt Weight, did an excellent job.

And finally…


4. A bunch of neo-pro writers who do ebooks will be giving away *some* of their preciouses from September 26 to 27.  I will be giving away The Godless Land. Spread the word!

A Successful Free Run

The free run for “The Godless Land” ended at 3 p.m. EST today. The price has gone back up. I gave away nearly 1,000 copies in 1.5 days, which — from what I’ve heard — is very good for a short story. I got up to #4 in epic fantasy at my peak and reached the 200s in popularity.

I encourage anyone who read the freebie and enjoyed it to like my Facebook page or become a fan on Goodreads.

Thanks to all who downloaded and made yesterday such a success! I greatly appreciate it and hope you enjoy “The Godless Land.”

Hag Hollow: a New Story and a New Series

Today, I released “Hag Hollow,” (Amazon; Kobo and B&N) the first installment of “Enchanted Forest,” a new short story series. Kobo and BN are priced at $1.99, while Amazon is $2.99 until they decide to price match.

Beginning with the first story’s publication today, August 5, I will release a new episode every month. I will do my best to make each episode stand-alone, so that you can start anywhere and end anywhere — and yet give a sort of overarching plot  for those who read them in order. For me, it’s also an exercise in crafting compelling plots in each episode.

The blurb reads:

Enchanted Forest: A New Short Story Series

In the Kalamar Forest, the line between the material world and the Otherworld is thin. Here, will o’ wisps draw unwary travelers into quicksand; the lupine Firvalg hunt in packs; giant spiders trap victims in sticky webs; and the vicious Mandragora coils through the western swamps in her never-ending search for food.

One warrior stands against the forces of darkness and decay, and the encroaching human threat: Pirosha Shortsprout–heir to the throne of Bayne yet smallest of all his people–who will be called the greatest norg that ever lived.

Episode 1: Hag Hollow

In the Kalamar Forest, norgs disappear every day. A “Gray Ghost” haunts the wood, speaking of the birth of a male to the west. It becomes increasingly clear to Pirosha Shortsprout that he must ignore his childhood warnings and do the unthinkable: cross into the deadly western swamps and visit Hag Hollow.

Add to your books on Goodreads:

Hag Hollow

New Release: Four From Varda

This collection of four short stories – three of which have appeared in fantasy magazines – is available for Amazon Kindle at the price of $2.99. The collection includes THE GODLESS LAND, THE AVENGER AND THE DESTROYER, and a story exclusive to the collection (previously published in Mindflights, and my first paid magazine sale), THE CITY ON THE ROCK. That would normally cost $3.99, but you can get it for $1 cheaper.

I apologize to Nook fans, but my B&N sales don’t justify staying out of Amazon Select. There are no promotional opportunities there, as far as I know, even for previously published authors. If you are a Nook fan, buy this novel, if you want to justify it.

Free E-book April 14-15

“The Godless Land” will be free on Kindle tomorrow (April 14 at 3 a.m. EST) until the next day (April 15). Please download, and most importantly, leave a review. Every review helps out a huge amount, and so far I have no reviews on that story.

“The land of Molkoro once had a god, a mighty panther god,” the sailor said. “At the time the ettins arrived from beyond the sea in their black-sailed ships, the people of the jungle worshiped the great Jhub-El. He was a mighty god, but he had one weakness: Trust.”

Pietro, a young man, has never killed: something rare for the corrupt city of Peregoth and totally alien to the tropics of Molkoro, where circumstances will soon take him. In the sweltering jungle, his purity has become a commodity to the ettin invaders and their lord, the dark Vexor.

But how long can his innocence last in a godless land?

If you share this on your blog, I’ll give you a free copy of any short story you wish in .mobi format. Browse on https://aj-cooper.com/e-book-store/.

Thanks, and I hope you take advantage of the Free Day.