Hag Hollow: a New Story and a New Series

Today, I released “Hag Hollow,” (Amazon; Kobo and B&N) the first installment of “Enchanted Forest,” a new short story series. Kobo and BN are priced at $1.99, while Amazon is $2.99 until they decide to price match.

Beginning with the first story’s publication today, August 5, I will release a new episode every month. I will do my best to make each episode stand-alone, so that you can start anywhere and end anywhere — and yet give a sort of overarching plot  for those who read them in order. For me, it’s also an exercise in crafting compelling plots in each episode.

The blurb reads:

Enchanted Forest: A New Short Story Series

In the Kalamar Forest, the line between the material world and the Otherworld is thin. Here, will o’ wisps draw unwary travelers into quicksand; the lupine Firvalg hunt in packs; giant spiders trap victims in sticky webs; and the vicious Mandragora coils through the western swamps in her never-ending search for food.

One warrior stands against the forces of darkness and decay, and the encroaching human threat: Pirosha Shortsprout–heir to the throne of Bayne yet smallest of all his people–who will be called the greatest norg that ever lived.

Episode 1: Hag Hollow

In the Kalamar Forest, norgs disappear every day. A “Gray Ghost” haunts the wood, speaking of the birth of a male to the west. It becomes increasingly clear to Pirosha Shortsprout that he must ignore his childhood warnings and do the unthinkable: cross into the deadly western swamps and visit Hag Hollow.

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Hag Hollow

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