Free Day — The Avenger and the Destroyer — starting May 7

This two-story collection previously appeared in magazines Residential Aliens and Fear and Trembling.

It will be free starting Monday, May 7. Pick up a copy and, most important of all, tell all your friends!

From the description:

Angrok, a great warrior, is called many things: a terrible destroyer by his many enemies, and a powerful avenger by those he chooses to save.

This collection brings together two of Angrok’s adventures as told from the perspective of his assistant Marcellus.

In ANGROK THE AVENGER, Marcellus and his master take revenge upon a dangerous city of spider worshippers.

In ANGROK THE DESTROYER, they come to Bezakirah, a desert city controlled by two fanatical and increasingly warlike houses.

Whether he is a destroyer or an avenger, you decide.

Two short stories totaling approximately 5,100 words.

From the first review:

“In the great tradition of Conan and Elric, the barbarian named Angrok is both destroyer and avenger – depending on what side of the sword you fall. These two stories are great companion pieces that will have you sending emails to the author asking for more to be written.”

Free E-book April 14-15

“The Godless Land” will be free on Kindle tomorrow (April 14 at 3 a.m. EST) until the next day (April 15). Please download, and most importantly, leave a review. Every review helps out a huge amount, and so far I have no reviews on that story.

“The land of Molkoro once had a god, a mighty panther god,” the sailor said. “At the time the ettins arrived from beyond the sea in their black-sailed ships, the people of the jungle worshiped the great Jhub-El. He was a mighty god, but he had one weakness: Trust.”

Pietro, a young man, has never killed: something rare for the corrupt city of Peregoth and totally alien to the tropics of Molkoro, where circumstances will soon take him. In the sweltering jungle, his purity has become a commodity to the ettin invaders and their lord, the dark Vexor.

But how long can his innocence last in a godless land?

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Thanks, and I hope you take advantage of the Free Day.