In Which Our Hero Returns from His “Never Ending Odyssey”: News, New Plans and Old

I returned from an eight-day workshop in Manchester, New Hampshire. I had a terrific, awesome time, learned about writing and met new friends. In the process, I (your likeable protagonist) have changed some goals at the end of Act Two and kept some old ones. After talking with Jeanne Cavelos, overlord extraordinaire, I decided not to publish Fell Winter on e-readers. I plan on seeking out a trade publisher who can help me with marketing (a skill I sorely lack). It’s hard to stand out in such a saturated marketplace.

I will, however, publish a serial story for Kindle, Kobo, and Nook. I plan to sell each 3000-5000 word episode for $1.99. I will publish a new episode every month.

In the meantime, I plan to write short stories and submit them to magazines. Eventually, I hope to join SFWA. Watch this space for the serial, and, if the winds of fortune carry me alack, some new publications.

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