I am at the end of a major life stage. I’m graduating from college in April and plan on (A) finding a job and (B) writing many more stories. For the moment, though, independent projects are on hold as I evaluate where I stand in the digital reader revolution.

I’m currently focused on submitting short stories to magazines, but also plan on doing some independent projects. Case in point: I am in the process of uploading previously published short stories to the Kindle and Nook stores.

Notably, I plan on adding more material to the Varda world portrait which you can see just below the header. Although Varda is a huge world, most of it is in my head and needs to be written down and codified.

In the meantime, please take a look at my “e-book store” and consider purchasing a story or a novel. Each time someone purchases something, I grow closer to my dream of writing for a living.

Due to the nature of writing stories for magazines and the uncertainty of publication, there might be a bit of silence on this blog for a while. However, keep checking it as I add more and more material to my Varda portrait and return certain previously published short stories to print.

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